My Milkshake Brings All the Beer to the Yard


Mango Milkshake-min.JPG

Milkshake beers aren’t just for stouts anymore.

The milk sugar and lactose give a sweetness to the beer as well as an incredibly smooth finish. NORTHWAY BREWING COMPANY’S MANGO MILKSHAKE IPA is no exception.

It is brewed with Citrus, Mosaic, Waimea and Kohuta hops. I thought it was a brewery-only release that I missed, but lo and behold I walked into my local beverage mart and it was on tap for growler fill. SCORE!

The sweetness of the milk, sugar and mango balance the bitter flavor some people enjoy in an IPA. You still get the expected and appreciated grassy/citrus notes. Enjoy this with a cheeseburger and fries, or any other meal you would eat with a milkshake!

The best thing you've never sipped

This liqueur is one of the most unique and delicious liquors I’ve ever tasted. It is made from grapes of the Galicia region in Spain. They make several versions of this spirit- some being oak aged, some being held and released after years. For this particular blend- No. 4, ABADIA DA COVA, Cream Liquor, a milk cream is added to the traditional distillation.


The blend is extremely smooth and satisfying- not as thick as Bailey’s, but more thick than a glass of milk. The texture offers a comfort of sorts. The flavor is like nothing I’ve had before- it is a combination of cream, cinnamon, almond (though there are NO nuts in the liqueur) even coconut. It is sweet, but not cloyingly sweet like a Schnapps. The balanced sweetness offers a very pleasant richness, very similar to panna cotta.

Just pour a bit in a glass. It is best at room temperature, and definitely without ice. You don’t want to dilute this in any way. It is very rich and a two-ounce pour is a healthy serving.

This is meant to be sipped slowly. We’ve enjoyed it with almond biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, even chocolate truffles. God knows, it needs no help, but it did pair well with baked goods after a meal. I would have no problem serving it as the singular dessert next time.

This is truly one of the most unique and satisfying sips I’ve had in years. If there is one liqueur I’d tell you to try this winter, there is no question it would be this magical distillation from Galicia.

Wizard of Blizzard!


Blizzard of Hops.jpg

The holiday break is over and now it’s time to get back to beer! We’re past all these Christmas spiced beers and on to some brews to enjoy over the winter.

TRÖEGS’ BLIZZARD OF HOPS is a "‘Winter IPA’, and the closest thing we’ve had to a real blizzard here in the northeast so far this winter. Cold, yes. Snow, no.

This beer is like a cross between a traditional IPA and an east coast IPA. You’ll see that in the clearer texture of the beer with just a touch of haze. The bright straw color is a welcome sunburst on a cold day.

I was hit first with the pine notes followed by a citrus finish. Though it is a stronger beer at 6.8% alc. and IBU of 80, it has a smooth finish.

Don’t be afraid to pair this brew with hearty faire. It will stand up to a nice stew on a cold winter’s night.



choco libre spices-min.jpg

I’m not a big fan of sweet dessert beers like flavored stouts, but this is an exception.

It’s a creamy delicious chocolate Christmas bomb. It has aromas of chocolate and cinnamon. It pours dark with a frothy head. It has a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of all this chocolate goodness. At first the finish is malt and caramel, but wait for it…. It’s coming… and then BAM, it kicks in. A blast of heat from a well-balanced hit of cayenne. It’s an incredible finish.

They have somehow captured Mexican sipping chocolate in a beer. It’s incredible. Skip dessert on Christmas and just drink this instead. You won’t regret it.

We still believe!

The craft beer market is flooded with seasonal themed beer. How do you know what to guzzle? We’re working hard to taste all we can and pass the details on to you! (Its hard work, no doubt, but think of it as our gift to you….)

great lakes christmas ale-min.jpg

Great Lakes Brewing’s CHRISTMAS ALE.

All the taste of the holiday without the annoying relatives. It gives off a malty, cinnamon smell with an inviting copper color. The blend of honey, ginger and cinnamon provides a wonderful taste that reminds you of Christmas cookies.

So sip this one by the fire, or by the tree. You’ll get all the Christmas feels, and you won’t regret it!

Wishing you a Hoponius Holiday!

For our second beer of the holiday season I am drinking JACK ABBY’S HOPONIUS ON HOLIDAY TROPICAL IPL.


It pours golden with a slightly hazy look to it. I taste notes of pineapple, mango and citrus. It has a nice foamy head and a slightly sweet taste. It finishes with grassy/happy notes.

This would pair nicely with a Christmas ham, and has enough brightness it would cut through rich side dishes like mac n cheese or potatoes au gratin.

The best compliment I can give to this beer is I quickly opened a second one.

Short release time. Get one for your holiday pleasure soon!